Azores 1912

The staff at the Commercial Cable Office in the Azores in 1912

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This information comes from the staff report for 1912 in the George White Archive.

Staff mentioned and generally commended were:

Supervisor [Frederick George] Ward
Senior Operator Houghton
Senior Operator Jones
Senior Operator [George Montague] Sterling
Senior Operator Barton
Operator Relle
Operator O'Reardon
Operator Gibson
Operator Davis
Operator Moore
Operator Bishop
Operator Mawson
Operator Bubb
Operator Swaine
Mechanician Cameron

These I presume to be local recruits and were paid in local currency:

"Local boy" Labescat
"Local boy" Medeiros
Battery-man J.Oliveira
Chief Servant A.deC.Silva
Labourer Amaral
Labourer J.Borges

Operators were paid salaries of between $35 and $70 per month according to efficiency. There is no information about the salary levels of higher grades. Local workers were paid up to 20 milreis per month – no indication of the lowest rate. 20 milreis appears to have been worth about $20 or £4 at that time judging from financial letters in the archive.