London 1962, staff photographs

The staff at the Commercial Cable Office in London 1962

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Photographs from John Barrett

Part of the Service Dept. section.

Back row Trevor Lock, Unknown, Barry Gaskin, Bob Brown, Pete(?) Salmon, Mick Mizen Sitting Mick Moran Just to the right of the picture half out of the picture Joe De Souza

Taken in the Telephone Dept

George Fisher, Ron Sawyer, Vic Wickard, Alf Dove, Ida Murphy

Accounts staff.

Lorraine Holt, Unknown, Gillian Fitzgerald, Rosalynn Russell

Johnny Barrett

Joined the CCC London office in 1954 as a Check Clerk, did National Service between 1955/1957 going to the Middle East, returning to CCC to become a Telex Operator then Automatic Cable Printer Operator. Made redundant in 1975.

This dispute affected many other staff as well.

Instrument Room

Bernard Keating, Dave Owen, Barry Matthews, Alex Fernandez, Eugene McMahon, Don 'Bill' Haley, Gary Price

* Dave Owen worked at the Weston Office for a while.

Instrument Room

Back Eugene McMahon, Don 'Bill' Haley, Gary Price
Front Paddy Christie, Joe Cheek

Alex Fernandez, Bill Richold, Ozzie Marks

Chris Knight has been studying this photo and come up with some names from staff in the background:-

At the windows at the back of the office you can make out a figure facing the camera - that appears to be Joe De Souza one of the check clerks.

In front of him slightly lower down in the photo is a woman sitting at a telex machine - you can clearly make out the fact that she is wearing glasses - that is Ilsa Trent.

Over to the left you can also make out the back of a man in a pink/light red shirt sitting down near the branch office machines - that's me!

Chris0008 enhanced.jpg
Instrument Room
Johnny Barrett, Ron 'Taffy' Dawe, Johnny Moncrieff, Bob Abrams (Manchester office), George Coote, Ernie Macriner, Bill Webb (ASTMS Union official)

The photograph was taken at a dinner the committee attended at the conclusion of our first negotiations with the company following our joining this national union in 1969. (Information from George Coote)

The Irish CCC team who lost to the English CCC team 5-3 in Finsbury Park, North London. Taken in

the possible early 60's

Back row Dennis Sheehy, Peter Gill, Matt McMahon (brother of Eugene), Johnny Barrett, Bert Graham Front row Jerry Fitzgerald, Eddie Spillane, Joe Griffin

Waterville. Taken sometime in the 1960's.