The troubles and Tsunamis

From Tom Murray

One bit of information relating to the cable station: my dad, RIP, often told a story about when the troubles were going on in South Kerry, he and another young man were despatched to steal the steel Down (Drain) Pipes from the cable station to enable the Old IRA to make mortars.


I also recall him telling stories about The Rocks in certain fields that he said locals indicated were brought in by "the big Wave". That sounds like a tsunami to me in todays .terms I was wondering is there any record or mention of that in local folklore in Waterville. I wonder did the tidal wave from the 1776 earthquake off off Portugal which created a substantial tidal wave that devastated large tracts of Algarve and West coast of Portugal including Lisbon travel up to Ireland and Waterville ? Hence the story re the big rocks in the fields brought in by the big wave.