Waterville 1950s

Some names from Patrick Herbert

Waterville was my father's birthplace, 1904, on the Cable Station. His name was Ernest Thomas Herbert. Father died back in 1970 and neither I nor my two sisters have ever been able to gather much info about his early life.

"Mac" Mulholland was a good friend of my father, and I met him with my parents and a few others on holiday at Waterville in the late 50s. Others there included Alec Cadger, also from Waterville.

Patrick's grandfather also served at the Waterville station.

Some pictures from the 1950s sent by David Appleby, whose father, Ronald P. Appleby, worked at the station.

Office Building with Wind chargers

David was born in Tralee and lived in Waterville from 1949 until it closed in 62. He remembers the wind chargers being taken down in about 1954 or so.

Ron Appleby outside the CCC office

The photo of Ron Appleby was taken circa 1955.

Wages book entry for Sidney B. Appleby

My Grandfather Sidney B. Appleby also worked in Waterville. My father Ronald Philip Appleby trained at the CCC school and went to work in London through WW11. He transferred to Waterville with my Mother in 1948.

Tide in

In the photo titled "Tides In" you can see a small structure halfway up the rocks in the middle of the picture, in line with the church. I think this may have been one of the cable outlets to the sea.

Party, 1950s

The party photo was taken in one of the houses and shows from the left back, Mrs Nell Cadger (leaving frame, Alec McMullen, Mrs. Myrtle McMullen, Alec Cadger, Dorothy Hogbin, Mrs. Eileen Lambert, Gerry Lambert (Superintendent) and from left front Mrs. Gladys Hewitt, Ron Appleby, Mrs. Vera Appleby and (Mrs. Wilkinson?).

Left No 9, 8 and 7, CCC Office and wind charger

We lived in the house that is just in the left hand corner of the photo "Left No.9 etc"

The Cable Station in 1953 or 4