Waterville Staff 1940s

The staff at the Commercial Cable Office at Waterville in the 1940s

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A tennis party in the 1940s in the Lodge grounds

Back Row

Archie Howatson (Superintendent) Molly Skinner Oliver Wright Jim Hewison George Graham Harry Chantler Maime Graham Mrs George White Bride Howatson
Middle Row Diana Cubitt Hilary Skinner  ? Skinner Patsy Graham Peter Hogbin Mary Hewison Joan Skinner May Graham (seated) Dorothy Chantler
Front Row Herbie Hogbin Brian Cubitt Brian Mann Aubrey Skinner
Another picture of a tennis party in the lodge grounds

Seated, left rear

Harry Chantler George Graham Archie Howatson Right rear Bride Howatson Maime Graham Unknown
Party in foreground Mary Hewison Patsy Graham Hilary Skinner Herbie Hogbin (with sandwich) (front) Diana Cubitt May Graham
Leslie Knight, Oliver Wright and Herb Hogbin
Jack Hewison, Fr O'Connor, George Cubitt Waterville Golf Links 1940
G A V Cubitt, Waterville Golf Links 1940s