Waterville History Update

Waterville Commercial Cable Company Station 2016

Mary Dineen writes:

I have a house called "The Quarters" in Waterville which I bought about 15 years ago which was derelict. We used it now as a holiday home. When we were levelling the garden all the wires for the Cable Station were in front garden which we covered over. We inherited some old furniture, one piece that fell apart was a bureau used for holding telegrams. Some of the locals said that the house was used to send telegrams, house employees and apparently there was a shop at the back of the house for the residents of the cable station.

Picture of The Quarters

This picture was taken in 1998 of the house as it was then (on the left) - it is next to the old shooting lodge which became the manager's house when the cable station was built.

(Image J Crellin)

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