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This material is scanned from the papers lent to me by George White and his family and, as such, is their copyright.

George lived to the age of 101, passing away in April 2006. He joined the company in about 1920 and was first stationed in Waterville - at that time a large station with special quarters for the unmarried staff (all men) and terraced houses for families. There was a very nice detached stone house for the superintendent. Operations were manual and went on round the clock - night shifts shared by most of the staff. However, although the hours of work may have been long in general everyone enjoyed a socially pleasant life style. There was cricket and tennis and golf links about a mile away. There was shooting (in the fall) and fishing on days off and dances in the mess hall and of course the beautiful nearby beaches. Children were generally sent to boarding schools in Dublin or Cork and there were invariably domestics to help with housework.

He was transferred to the station in the Azores at Horta, on the island of Fayal in the mid 1920's where there were similar working and living arrangements.

  St Johns, diversions 1926
  St Johns, shore ends 1926
  St Johns, cables through Quidi Vidi lake
  Waterville Cable Chart 1926
Letters from the General Manager (Azores) 1911 to 1913
Cable sample
  Cable ships
  Canso Cable Station
  Commercial Cable Office, Paris (?)
  Dartmouth during the war
  Hazel Hill Staff photograph
  Le Havre Cable repair
  Letter from Israel re Telpal Cable, 1975
  People and Meetings
  Quidi Vidi cable work 1955
  Trophy inscribed to George Gray Ward
Silver Anniversary of the Commercial Cable Company - brochure
1950s electrical diagram
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